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Author Interview with Michiko Katsu and Burdened By Guilt

I am Michiko Katsu and I write mysteries/thrillers. I’ve written three books Burdened By Guilt, Too Late For Apologies and Hamstrung which is the first in a trilogy. For more information about me, my books or writing advice please check out my website www.michikokatsu.com or like me on Facebook. Michiko Katsu, for those who don’t know […]

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Book Excerpt: Paranormal Painless by Shannon Rieger

CHAPTER ONE  Dip Our Heads in the Deep Blue Sea  A delusive feeling of reprieve settled deeply as I slept within the confines of my warm sheets. When the bong from my antique grandfather clock warned of the commencement of the witching hour, I was woken by an icy voice in my ear, a cool breath […]

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5 Tips for Writing Mystery and Suspense by Tony Lee Moral

Having written three books on the film director Alfred Hitchcock, the famed Master of Suspense, I specialise in mystery and suspense writing. I used his principles when writing my new novel , set in Monterey Bay, California. Nearly all stories do well with suspense, no matter the genre. Suspense has largely to do with the […]

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Interview with Author of Eight Young Adult Titles Heather Sunseri

Hi! I’m Heather Sunseri. I am the author of eight young adult titles, and the first book in a brand new romantic suspense series: . You can connect with me on my website heathersunseri.com, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. When and why did you start writing? I’m a former CPA/accountant who knew there had to be something more interesting […]

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Author Interviews: Angus Kennedy and A Trillion Dollar Man

Angus Kennedy, also known as Terry Kennedy, T.D. Kennedy and soon, Lucky Esposito. The idea was to define the various brands so readers wouldn’t have to wade through a swamp of favourite characters—they could lean back and pursue their author’s new book.Angus Kennedy is the action/adventure pen name for the rip-roaring A Trillion Dollar Man […]

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Author Interviews: Joyce Brennan and Misplaced

Hi! I’m Joyce Brennan. I write Romantic Suspense, Romance, and Cozy Mysteries. My ebooks, , , , and are available on amazon.com I’m originally from a small town, but during my marriage, we have moved eight times. Each location provided information to enhance my writing.   When and why did you start writing? I began […]

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Author Interviews: Katherine Bogle and Haven

My name is Katherine Bogle and I am a writer! I’ve done a few things of note in my short twenty-three years of existence, including (but not limited to); write five full books, finish two years of schooling for Photography, and travel over seas to Ireland, Scotland, England and Cuba! My first published work, , […]

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Author Interviews: L.K. Kuhl and Chasm

L.K. Kuhl Author Interviews

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m L.K. Kuhl. I live in Nebraska with my husband of twenty-nine years, young son, Nathan, and Greg, our Black Lab dog. I have two older daughters, Morgan and Brittani and son-in-law, Trevor. I have been writing for over twenty years. I first began writing children’s books and poetry, moved on to […]

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Author Interviews: Matthew FitzSimmons and Poisonfeather

Author Interviews Matthew FitzSimmons

My name is Matthew FitzSimmons. I live and write in Washington DC, where I taught high school English for a decade before writing . The Short Drop debuted on Kindle first in November and in paperback on December 1st. It’s the first Gibson Vaughn novel and centers on a cold case involving a childhood friend […]

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