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Book Review: Game of Fear by Gledé Browne Kabongo

by Glede Kabongo follows Abbie Cooper in her final years at an elite New England private school. She’s attractive, at the top of her class, and doesn’t care about drama because ‘she has her priorities straight’. Despite trying her best to stay on the straight and narrow a mistake from her past comes back to […]

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Interview with YA Mystery Author Rebecca Howie

I’m, Rebecca Howie, a nineteen-year-old from Scotland, and I’ve been writing for fun since I was about seven or eight. Reading and writing have always been important to me, so it made sense that when the restaurant I worked in closed I turned to writing, and I self-published my first book in February last year. […]

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Interview with Author of Eight Young Adult Titles Heather Sunseri

Hi! I’m Heather Sunseri. I am the author of eight young adult titles, and the first book in a brand new romantic suspense series: . You can connect with me on my website heathersunseri.com, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. When and why did you start writing? I’m a former CPA/accountant who knew there had to be something more interesting […]

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Author Interviews: Kelly St. Clare and The Retreat

Kelly St. Clare, a New Zealand author living in Australia. I write fantasy and science fiction novels for teens and above. Currently, I have two series out. is complete – a series about a young woman veiled from birth. And the first in my science fiction series, The After Trilogy, is now available – a […]

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Author Interviews: Megan Rivers and A Fateful Melody

Megan Rivers is a new author, recently self-publishing her first book in her young adult series, Song for You, “.” The second book in this series is due out in the Spring of 2017. She is also working on other novels, including a mystery series, a supernatural adventure, and a collection of short stories. You […]

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Book Excerpt: A Fateful Melody by Megan Rivers

Preface It was one of those days in May when the trees of New York no longer carried the promise of green buds on its branches, but the beginning of summer leaves instead. It made me smile as I climbed out of the taxi and walked into the airport. Traveling had become a routine. Every […]

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How to Write About Tough Topics in Young Adult Fiction by Charlotte Young

Charlotte Young How to Write About Tough Topics in Young Adult Fiction

Guest post by BY There are plenty of tough topics to write about and the YA fiction shelves, whether wooden or virtual, are spilling over with stories about subjects such as suicide, rape, bullying, sexuality and mental illness, to name just a few of the hard-core, neon lights of ‘tough’. How to speak authentically about […]

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Book Excerpt: Micah: The Sword of Malachi by Lee DuCote

Lee DuCote The Sword of Malachi

Chapter 1 Deep within a hellish cavern, six towering beings merged from the depths of its heated core and gathered at the opening. They were beautiful creatures with physically striking features and the physiques of warriors, clothed to resemble the upper crust of the society they would soon infiltrate. Their eyes glowed with a fierce […]

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Writing Compelling Dystopian Fiction – One Author’s Opinion

Writing Compelling Dystopian Fiction One Authors Opinion

Guest Post by Britt Holewinski I began writing my first “young adult, dystopian” novel in 1995, before the genre was the commercial giant it is today and when “dystopian” brought to mind to George Orwell’s 1984 and other frightening classics. I was in high school, and having just read Lord of the Flies, I began imagining […]

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Author Interviews: Britt Holewinski and Schism

Britt Holewinski and Schism Author Interviews

Hello! My name is Britt Holewinski, and I’m a writer of young-adult, dystopian fiction. I just finished my first book, Schism, and I’m now working on the next book in the series, entitled Ravin. Writing has been a keen hobby of mine while working full-time in Washington DC for fourteen years, but this past February, […]

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