The Best Books With Hauntings!

From haunted houses to human possession, the haunting sub-genre has you covered. Open up to a world of malevolent spirits, unexplained illnesses, and haunting secrets. Check out these five spooky novels that will leave you feeling just a bit haunted yourself!


By Madeleine Roux

Asylum, by Madeleine Roux, published in 2014, is the first book in the series. This book is unique because it incorporates real photography of old asylums throughout the novel to add an extra element of horror. Dan Crawford is a sixteen-year-old boy who plans to chase his dream and attend the New Hampshire College prep program. There is only one small problem; there isn’t any student housing available. Crawford is forced to stay in an old and decrepit dorm that used to house a psychiatric hospital. Throughout the novel, Dan and his friends explore the facilities past and find some rather unsettling information.

 The Fall of the House of Usher 

By Edger Allan Poe

Edger Allan Poe remains a universal figure to the horror community. His stories and poems are rich with imagery, mystery, and psychology. Poe is genius at instilling the worst kind of fear within his readers and this proves not to be any different in his tale The Fall of the House of Usher, published in 1839. A narrator who is not named, is asked by his childhood friend Roderick Usher, to pay Usher a visit. Usher is both physically and emotionally unwell.

As the narrator approaches the home of his friend, he begins to feel a sense of melancholy and fear. This fear is only exasperated as he enters the home. Through a family history of countless deaths that only left one surviving member from each generation, unexplained illnesses, and a feeling that cannot be shaken, the narrator and his childhood friend come to suspect that perhaps it’s the house who is unwell.

 Ghost House 

By Alexandra Adornetto

In Ghost House, by Alexandra Adornetto, published in 2014, Chloe Kennedy saw ghosts as a young child. After her mother dies, she begins to see the dead again. In hopes to escape the ghosts that have haunted both her past and present, she escapes to her grandmother’s estate in England. Only instead of escaping, she meets a ghost who has been dead for 157 years. He has a secret that is far more darker than anything she has ever witnessed, but through that mystery she is drawn to him. Soon she will stop at nothing to protect him…even if it means handing herself over to the dead.


By Ophelia Julien

Ophelia Julien, a young adult paranormal writer, is author of a must-read series titled A Bridgeton Park Cemetery Book. The first novel in the series is titled Haunted, published in 2012. Julien is a firm believer in the supernatural and chooses to incorporate her own personal experiences within her works of fiction. In the novel Haunted, Cassie’s life begins to change when her old childhood friend shows up in town and becomes her co-worker.

However, something is different about him. Michael’s demeanour is far more serious and he has a scar that hides a story of his own. Cassie, having recently lost her boyfriend Daniel, is still dealing with her own demons. Together, Cassie and Daniel rekindle their friendship, explore the depths of their pasts, and search to find the answers determining their present.

This is a ghost story you won’t want to miss!


By Douglas Clegg

Neverland, written by Douglas Clegg, published in 1991, is perhaps one of the most terrifying and sinister novels ever written. A family vacationing in an old Victorian home on Gull Island finds themselves stranded in a world filled with terror. There is buried secret on Gull Island that is lost beneath the well known myths. When one of the children and his cousins look to escape their home’s confinement, they stumble across a forbidden and dangerous place. Soon the children begin to worship something much more sinister, following the creature’s every demand. Unfortunately, the whole Island is under threat of severe unrelenting horror.


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