Top 5 Thriller/Suspense Novel Recommendations

For those who enjoy reading novels that are filled with thrills, mystery and suspense, here are five novels by some of the best-selling authors of the genre. These books are full of dark characters and their even darker secrets. These novels offer chills and the inability to put the book down.

1. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo 

by Sting Larsson

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, is a well-known psychological, thriller, suspense novel. Originally published in Sweden under the title Men Who Hate Women in 2005, a year after the author’s death and translated to English in 2008, quickly became a best-seller. The story follows Mikael Blomkvist after her was sentence to three month in prison. He becomes involved with the Vanger family and decides to find out what happened Harriet, a young girl of the family who disappeared almost forty years before. Family secrets, dark mysteries, and horrible people fill this story. It is the first novel in the Millennium series.

2. The Girl on the Train

by Paula Hawkins

The Girl on the Train, a psychological thriller published in 2015 and quickly became a number 1 bestseller. The novel tells the story of three women: Rachel, Anna, and Megan. Each of these three women are dealing with their own dark troubles. When Megan goes missing, their lives are turned upside down. Rachel is both a suspect and interesting in helping solve the case even though she only ever saw Megan from the window of a train as she passed by every day to watch her ex-husband and his new wife Anna, who lived a few houses away from Megan. Unfortunately for Rachel, she was drunk the night Megan went missing and must struggle to regain her memory and help solve the mystery.

3. Gone Girl

by Gillian Flynn

This book is told through the perspectives of husband and wife, Nick and Amy. The first half of the book giving us background on their marriage and feelings toward each other. They are far from living a perfect happy life and both lose their jobs in New York. They move to Missouri to take care of Nick’s mother. Things only get worse because Amy hates living away from New York. Things take a dark turn when Amy goes missing. Nick becomes the main suspect due to his lack of emotion towards her disappearance and her diary and pregnancy. But Nick and Amy turn out to be less than perfect narrators and more secret spill out. This book is a New York Times Best-Seller.

4. Mr. Mercedes

By Stephen King

Published in 2014, Mr. Mercedes is Novel by acclaimed author Stephen King. The book is about Bill Hodges, a retired detective, who finds himself lonely and depressed. He receives a letter from a man calling himself Mr. Mercedes, a man responsible for an attack that killed eight people. This was one of the last cases Bill had worked on but it had gone unsolved. Rather than turning the letter over the police, Bill decides to start investigating it himself. Throughout the course of the book we meet a number of people all dealing with their own secrets and troubles. Along the way Bill decides to also investigate the suicide of the women who own the car that was stolen and used into the attack. Stephen King announced that this will be the first volume of a trilogy.

5. Before I go to Sleep

By S.J. Watson

Before I go to Sleep was the début novel of author S. J. Watson. Published in 2011, the book has since made it to both the Sunday Times and New York Time best-seller lists. In this psychological thriller, the reader is taken on a journey with a main character anterograde amnesia. Every morning she wakes up with no memory of she is. She must struggle to pull the pieces of her life together to discovery who she is. With the help of her journal she might have a chance. But even these clues start to seem like they may not hold the full truth.


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