Top Multicultural Romance Books

These books tell stories about love that cross cultures. Romances that spring from people from different backgrounds and places and yet still find each other. These brilliant authors have given their readers exciting, passionate romances that will make it hard to put the book down. From memory loss to love triangles to run away brides, these stories are funny, sweet and blossoming with love.


By Beverly Jenkins

In this novel best-selling author, Beverly Jenkins gives us the story of Rhine and Eddy. Rhine Fontaine is working to build a successful life, but he has secrets. Eddy owes her life to Rhine because when she found herself in the Nevada desert dying in the heat, he saved her. But she has dreams of her own and she knows that Rhine is off limits if she wants these dreams to come true. Eddy must resist the temptation that is Rhine and focus on her goals of moving to California and starting her own restaurant. But neither of them can escape their passionate attraction for long. This book was published in 2016.

That Thing Between Eli and Gwen

By J.J. McAvoy

Eli Davenport is a doctor. He is rich, intelligent and handsome. He has the perfect fiancé, like him she is rich, smart, and beautiful. Guinevere Poe has the perfect fiancé, he is handsome ad successful. Both are happy with the ways their lives are going until they meet each other. Gwen goes with her fiancé to Eli’s wedding. Things go horribly wrong for them when Gwen’s fiancé runs off with Eli’s bride. Now the two of them are stuck in the same nightmare but refuse to take solace in each other. But fate and attraction have other plans. Written in 2016 by author J.J. McAvoy.

 Love’s Gamble 

By Theodora Taylor

Max Benton is a playboy. He is rich, handsome, and spends most of his time getting himself in the tabloids rather than adding to the family wealth. When he realizes he will not get his inheritance until he settles down and gets married, he comes up with a brilliant scheme. Aspiring private investigator Prudence Washington needs money and if she agrees to play along and get married to Max, she will get just that. With a wife and a hefty inheritance, Max decides to turn over a new leaf and start his own chain of hotels. The longer the scheme continues, the more he wants his new life to say the same. Now he just has to convince Pru that their marriage can be real. Written by romance novelist Theodora Taylor, this book was published in 2015.

 Keeping Secrets 

By Kiru Taye

Felix Essien made himself a promise, never to get married or give his heart to anyone. This makes things extra confusing for him when he wakes up married to a beautiful woman and with no memory of how he got there. Ebony is thrilled to discover that her husband cannot remember the deal they made for the temporary marriage. Now she gets to live out her dreams with her adoring husband. But the dream is already cracking, Ebony knows that well everything might be perfect now if Felix should regain his memories he would not be able to forgive her lies. Witten by Kiru Taye and published in 2014.

 Red Sun 

By Raven St. Pierre

Solei is living just outside the reservation and is less than thrilled with her father for making her move there but soon meets two brothers from the local tribe. But what starts as friendship quickly turns into an intense love triangle. Now Solei is caught between them and the bonds of friendship and brotherhood are put to the test. She is given a difficult choice, she must discover what it is that her heart truly wants and needs and try not to hurt all three of them. Written by Raven St. Pierre in 2014.


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