Video Author Interviews: Suzanna J. Linton and Clara’s Return (Stories of Lorst Book 2)

Suzanna J. Linton and Clara's Return Stories of Lorst Book 2 Author Interviews

Author interview with Fantasy Author, Suzanna J. Linton, where we talk about her writing process, books, why she writes and some handy tips to aspiring authors.

Suzanna grew up in rural South Carolina (really rural) and survived on her mother’s library, local ghost stories, and the tall tales her father spun for his children’s amusement. Books were her friends and they nurtured her imagination until Suzanna began telling stories of her own. After reading Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern series, she resolved to become an author.

During high school, she attended a summer program at the Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities. She learned good writing techniques from local authors and poets. She went on to attend Francis Marion University and majored in Professional Writing. She thought for a time that she would try to be a technical writer but quickly learned the occupation wasn’t for her. After hopping from job to job, she landed at a local library, where she met the man that became her husband.

After the release of her first novel, Clara, Suzanna began writing adult fantasy and urban fantasy full time. She continues to live in South Carolina with her husband, their cat, and two dogs.

You can connect with Suzanna on her website, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and YouTube

Clara’s Return (Stories of Lorst Book 2)

The thrilling sequel to Linton’s debut novel, Clara.

Watch for traitors. Watch for giants. Watch for the shadow in your own mind.

Clara, lost and disillusioned from the civil war, hopes to discover answers about her lineage and abilities in the quiet village of Bluebell, where she once lived before being sold into slavery. However, as she and the Captain of the Royal Guard make their journey, a new threat to the kingdom arises in the form of a traitor.

Patiently brewing since the fall of the sorcerer-king Marduk, there are careful plans now coming to fruition. Riots break out, a giant is sighted, and double agents quietly take their places. King Emmerich’s struggles with his new role and his ever-present nightmares leave him feeling inadequate to the task. What he needs most is Clara.

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