Political Thriller Book Recommendations

These books are full of danger and intrigue. The heroes of these stories are thrust in the midst of tense political atmospheres and dangerous conspiracies that could lead to their deaths or the deaths of everyone in the world. Some of these characters are highly trained while others merely happen upon dangerous circumstances but all must solve terrible mysteries and save the day.

 Without Remorse 

By Tom Clancy

This is an epic best-seller by the renowned novelist Tom Clancy. When looking for books about thriller, conspiracy, and politics, Clancy is one of the top authors to check out. In this novel we are given the story of Mr. Clark, at least that is his code name. Mr. Clark is a CIA agent, he is brilliant, cold-blooded and efficient. But in this story, a deeper question is asked. Who is Mr. Clark really? What kind of journey does a man go through to cross the lines of justice and morality to become Mr. Clark? It is this journey that Clancy takes us on in this novel published in 1993.

 The Lions of Lucerne 

By Brad Thor

While on vacation on the snowy Utah slobs, the president of the United States is kidnapped and thirty of his secret service men are executed. It appears that the Farah, a lethal terrorist group, are responsible. Only Scot Horvath, an agent, and ex-Navy SEAL believes there may be something more. He must manoeuvre his way through some of the highest officials of the government, trying not to get caught as he tries to discover the hidden agenda behind the attack. This book was written by author Brad Thor and was published in 2002.


 The Camel Club 

By David Baldacci

This novel is by author David Baldacci, a tremendous author who has written many books in the political thriller genre. In this novel, he creates a club of four eccentric members that study conspiracy theories. This club is led by the mysterious Oliver Stone, their objective is to look at these throes, current events, and the government to discover the truth behind the countries actions. Little comes from this group until they witness a shocking murder and find themselves mixed up in a conspiracy of their own. This book was published in 2005.

 The Overton Window 

By Glenn Beck

Noah Gardner is living the good life. He is a public relations executive who is rich, handsome and young. But his life is changed when he meets Molly Ross, a mailroom worker at his company. She tells him her conspiracy theory about America and how soon the country will be lost. He ignores her until little by little her predictions begin to come true. Noah becomes embroiled in a journey to expose the plan and reveal the conspirators before it is too late to save both his country and the woman he loves. This book was published in 2010.

American Assassin

By Vince Flynn

Published in 2010 by New York Times best-selling author Vince Flynn, this book looks at the rise in Islamic terrorism after the Old War. CIA Operations Director Thomas Stanfield forms a group of operatives that for all extent and purposes do not exist. After the Pan Am Lockerbie attack, among the giving victims is Mitch Rapp. He is the perfect candidate. A gifted college athlete who only wants retribution. They train him for six months and then send their new American Assassin to the Middle East. Is he ready for the task ahead of him?



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