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Author Interview Spotlight

Our author interviews are a great way to let our readers know you as a writer. These interviews give an insight to why you write, your publishing journey and the inspiration behind your latest book.

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Guest Post Related to Your Genre

Show what makes your genre great, build your influence and showcase your writing skills. You’ll draw in targeted readers with an interest in your genre. You’ll also be also be providing useful tips for aspiring writers.

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Book Excerpt

Showcase the best part of your book, allowing readers to get comfortable with your writing style, storytelling and ultimately drawn in to read more of your book.

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Book Reviews

We have a team of book reviews working from around the world. We'll review your book for free. 

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Author Page

All authors get a dedicated page on our site. This is a new feature and we are currently in the process of updating and optimising these pages for all previous and current authors. 

Book Page

We are in the process of creating a dedicated book page for each author featured on the site. These pages will be optimised to help readers find your book. 


Paid Book Promotion Options

While we do our best to match our free book marketing to the dates you want, due to the volume of requests we receive it's a first come first served. If you have a specific date you require for your book promotion one of our paid book marketing options will get you what you need.

For more information on these paid book marketing options along with our pricing, visit our advertise with us page here.

Recommended Book Marketing and Promotion Articles

We have an extensive amount of information on our Recommended Resources for Writers page. However, the best place to start for book marketing and promotion tips is:

Top Books on Book Marketing and Promotion

Recommend books to get help give you the edge, promote your book to the fullest and find the readers your work deserves.

How to Get Started

Before submitting your book please read the following guidelines:

  • We are only accepting Fiction books at this time
  • Please provide as much detail as you can about your book and try to complete all fields
  • Please understand that we are a small team and will get to your request ASAP. If you have a specific date in mind please allow a month or more for us to process your request. Your date may not be available.


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What do we get out of offering all this book marketing for free?

Apart from helping authors to get their book out there, all these promotional materials give us free content for our site. As we are a small team free content helps us to build our site while at the same time helping authors to get in front of potential readers.

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