About Us – This is Writing

This is Writing is a place for readers and writers alike. A Place to discover writing that scares. Writing that thrills them, that makes them fall in love. Writing that allows them to explore new worlds and lose themselves in the world of the past and worlds to be created.

We're a place for writers to share their ideas. A space for aspiring writers to embrace their writing spirit. For established writers to build their creativity.  To share their writing with an entirely new audience.

This is Writing is somewhere stories can be shared without judgement. A place were books and words are valued above all.

We are somewhere for everyone to be inspired.

Since it started 3 years ago This is Writing has hosted over 200 authors for interviews, book reviews, guest post placements and book excerpts spots.

Our founder, Scott Mullins, started the site as his own small part of the web while he tried to figure out how he could make his living as a writer. As the site developed he had more and more authors coming to him looking for a space to promote their work. Other book marketing and promotion services out there were either too expensive or wouldn’t accept new authors.

Scott found that indie and self-published authors, especially those just starting out, didn’t have a marketing budget to promote their work. Scott decided to launch his Free Book Marketing Services as a way of helping writers reach a new audience.

As the site grew, he found that readers came to the site to find new writers to fill that book shaped hole in their lives. They were looking exciting new writer and were willing to take a chance on authors they had never heard of before.