Best Erotic Thriller Books

These novels feature characters who are surrounded by secrets. 

But even caught up in trying to stay alive or solve mysteries, they find time for a little love and romance.

These erotic thrillers are exciting, intriguing and feature the enthralling and often terrifying stories of falling for people, whether emotionally or physically, whether or not they are good for you, or indeed are keeping secrets.

Let There Be Blood

By Tina Traverse

Aaron Brooks is living the high life.

A successful TV star of Let There Be Blood. He gets to wear the finest clothes, attends the most glamorous parties and can have any women he sets his sights on.

However, there's one thing that drags his perfect life down, every night he has the same nightmare. ​

Then they start to come true.

Debt Inheritance

By Pepper Winters

What happens when you find yourself trapped in a debt, not of your own making?

This is the fate of Nila Weaver. A family promise has indebt their first born daughter to the first born son of the Hawk family. Nila has no choice but to give herself to Jethro on his 29th birthday.

Her life is his.

Beyond that, there are no rules. 

Call me Tiffany

By Kris Rafferty

This novel, by author Kris Rafferty, was published in 2014. It is the story of Tiffany, she picks up Ryker at a bar.

Her plan?

To use him to get herself out of trouble. But after a crash and a blackout, she wakes up with a husband and a bodyguard named Ryker, but cannot remember either of them.

The name Tiffany Peterson is simply what she is told she is. 

Now she must find her way back to a reality that feels right.

Aphrodite's Fire

By S.J. Warner

Serena changes her identity in order to hide from her past and the people who massacred her family.

One night she finds herself rescued by the elegant Luca.

But Luca knows just who she is, and has admired her since she was a young girl. Having found her, he is determined to keep anyone else from her past doing the same.

The only problem, Luca works for the very people Serena is running from.

The Cure Hotel

By Ashley S. Clancy

The Cure Hotel. Situated on the outskirts of Manhattan this hotel is rundown and full of sinister nightlife.

This is where politicians take their prostitutes, and bosses sneak off with their assistants.

A week before a grand new opening of the hotel, there is a gruesome murder.

Can the new owner turn the hotel around or is it simply destined to thrive in darkness and violence?

About the Author

My name is Emerson Rose Craig. I am a creative writing student and aspiring novelist. I love fantasy, historical literature, sci-fi and classic literature but will read whatever I can get my hands on. I also write in all of these genres and more for inspiration does not limit itself and neither will I. If you ask me what my favorite book is I will not answer because picking a favorite book is, to me, like picking a favorite star.